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Kesher Business Broadband

With Kesher's business broandband solutions, you get the fastest internet speeds available, along with our excellent customer support. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and steady broadband connection, and having one contact for all your communication needs reduces the difficulties faced when using multiple suppliers.

Benefits of Kesher Business Broadband
Reliable and steady connections, with speed of up to 1,000 Mbps.
Fantastic Customer Service - if you need us!
No Usage Limits - Download and Upload as much as you need.
Handsfree Switching - Sit back and relax and let us take over your line, hassle-free.
We Are Here To Help

We understand that the internet is extremely important to a modern business. A potiential client contacted Kesher after struggling for months with a poor connection, worried about the upcoming PSTN Switch-Off. We reassured them that Kesher Business Broadband is extremely reliable, and we would handle any faults quickly. Upon move their broadband to Kesher, their broadband instantly stablised and they were able to sign up for our VoIP solutions too.

  • Call Recording

    Use our call recording feature to record and store key information when researching and understanding your customer base.

  • International Numbers

    Choose an incoming number from over 60 countries worldwide, and create a local presence anywhere in the world

  • SIP Trunks

    Extend your phone system by making calls through our phone platform. Calls are make over the internet and are crystal clear.

  • Call Centre Solutions

    Solutions for busy call centres which allow you to focus on service customers and making money. Expand or reduce your phone system quickly and easily.