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Call Queuing Solutions

Call queuing helps reduce staff costs by allowing your business to efficiently handle multiple calls at peak times. Rather than calls going to voicemail or a busy tone, call queuing places people into a queue, keeping them on hold in order of call. Whilst they are waiting, ‘on hold’ music, or promotional messages can be played to customers. When the next call handler becomes available, calls are automatically transferred.

No Need for Multiple Phone Lines

Unlike traditional phone systems which require a line for each queued caller, our solutions are capable of queuing over 100 callers at any one time, without the need to have 100 lines installed. This provides an immediate cost saving to any companies already using a traditional call queuing solution.

Why use Kesher's Queuing Solutions?


Our cloud-based phone systems allow you to add as many queue positions as you need, at very low cost. Additionally, adding call positions is flexible and can be increased or decreased as demand requires. Unlike with traditional phone systems, additional call positions can be rented hassle free, without the need to install additional lines. So during peak months when call volumes are higher, extra queue positions can be added and then reduced when demand falls.

Reduce Staff Costs & Spread Call Volumes


A small business with 3 employees ran a promotion which was more successful than they'd anticipate. Kesher provided our Call Queue solutions to the client, which helped them manage the call volumes relating to their marketing, ensure no calls were missing, and reduced the need to employ additional staff.
We also added marketing messages to their call queue, which offered free advertising while customers waited.

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  • SIP Trunks

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