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Voicemail for the 21st Century

Replace out-dated answerphone machines with flexible, web based voicemail boxes. With personalised greetings, online storage and worldwide access, our multi-featured voicemail service is bundled free with your phone system as standard.

1 mailbox for many...

All members of a team can access the same messages, by using just one voicemail box for each call group. Simple to set up and easy to access, a shared voicemail box facilitates information sharing and communication within departments or teams. The voicemail box can be accessed by team-members in different offices, located anywhere in the world. Efficiency at its finest!

...or many mailboxes for 1

You can set up multiple voicemail boxes for each incoming number, using the menu system to direct calls to the correct voicemail box. Voicemail boxes can be created for each area of the business, even when calls come through on one number. When the calls are funnelled through to voicemail boxes that are allocated to different areas of the business, responding to messages becomes quicker and easier, as the calls are already organised for you.

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Email your as MP3 attachments and play them on any web enabled device. PCs. You can organise the mp3 files as needed, storing important messages in their own folder on your email, so you can access them whenever you need to. The Voicemail to Email feature makes delegating easy, as you can simply forward on the voicemail to the team member that you would like to handle the message, even when you don’t want them to have access to the actual voicemail box.
  • Remotely Dial In
  • Perfect for businessmen on the go, voicemail messages can be accessed anytime, anywhere, whether on a laptop, PC/Mac, or even on your smartphone. When dialling into your voicemail from out of office, you have full control over the voicemail box and can play messages and delete them, or even re-record the greeting message.
  • Call Recording

    Use our call recording feature to record and store key information when researching and understanding your customer base.

  • International Numbers

    Choose an incoming number from over 60 countries worldwide, and create a local presence anywhere in the world

  • SIP Trunks

    Extend your phone system by making calls through our phone platform. Calls are make over the internet and are crystal clear.

  • Call Centre Solutions

    Solutions for busy call centres which allow you to focus on service customers and making money. Expand or reduce your phone system quickly and easily.