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Professional Features Included As Standard

Menu Systems

Menu systems have been used for decades to organise incoming calls with maximum efficiency, enabling callers to choose exactly the right person or department they need to speak to. VoIP technology makes previously expensive menu systems accessible at no extra expense. Create a professional impression right from the very first moment, with the menu system option included with our UK Landline Numbers package.

Call Divert at Low Rates

The Call Divert function helps you have your calls answered when you are out of the office. Divert calls to mobiles, landlines or our VoIP based phones, forwarding them on to other team members, creating a quick response time for your customers. Our call divert rates are low, making this prime feature an affordable solution.

Recorded Announcements

Play pre-recorded announcements to callers before they are diverted. Messages are easy to add and change as needed, update them online whenever or wherever necessary and keep your callers informed.

Time and Date Based Call Management

Divert calls to different destinations automatically, depending on the time/date. When you know you are going to be out of office, on holiday or simply unavailable to take calls, you can set your calls to divert automatically at these times well in advance. This easy to use feature makes call management stress-free and reliable.