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    Menu Systems
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What are IVR Menu Systems?

IVR Menu systems are interactive menu systems that allow callers to select options when calling a company. They are a cost effective, time saving assistant or alternative to a human receptionist. They organise and route calls that come into your business. For example, callers can choose which department they need themselves, such as customer services, or sales, or directly call the extension of the person they require, without the need for a receptionist to transfer calls. Additionally, the IVR menu system can include options to play pre-recorded information, such as office opening hours, or directions.

How can an IVR Menu System benefit my business?

Efficiency is improved when an effective IVR Menu system is put in place. Callers are automatically put though to the appropriate operator or department, improving customer satisfaction, as the correct operator handles their call. This saves both the client and the business valuable time that is often wasted when calls are forwarded to different departments, reducing operating costs. Recording basic information, such as office opening hours, cuts back on time spent by employees answering customer queries. IVR Menu systems can range from very simple to highly sophisticated systems, but whatever you need, they are all very easy to put in place.



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