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Take advantage of our number porting service and keep your existing phone number!

Do you want to keep your current BT phone number? Transfer your number to Kesher Communications with our easy-to-use number porting service. Number porting allows you to keep your current number, whilst making the most of up-to-date VoIP based telephony. You can increase the number of calls that can come through on that number from just one, up to as many as 30 or more!

Transfer your number with no downtime

Keeping your existing number assists a smooth transfer to our system. By keeping the same number, you can transfer to Kesher’s Communication system without having to inform clients of a change in phone number. Business stationery, websites and letterheads all remain the same, leading to a simple switch-over.

Instantly increase the number of calls you can handle

No more engaged tones! Once transferred to our service, we can easily and instantly increase or decrease the number of calls you can accept. You can add on call-queuing options for times when the call volume is higher than the number of extensions you have, all on one line. Customers continue to contact you on the same number, whilst you benefit from the cost-efficiencies and added features of Kesher Communication’s system.

Move area and keep the same number

With traditional phone lines and local phone numbers, when moving out of an area you can't always take your number with you. This is because the phone number is part of the local telephone exchange. Once you transfer your number to our service, the phone number can be used in any office with an internet connection, in or out of the country. In fact, when combined with call divert, or divert to mobile services, the phone number can be dialled to call a mobile.



Depending on the number of extensions you order and the numbers you currently have, the pricing can vary. Porting is free with a 12 month contract, or costs £15+vat per number and capped at £60+vat when porting a range of numbers. For a quote, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Our number is 0161 464 0000.

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