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SIP Trunks allow companies to connect their existing phone system to the internet.


It helps reduce costs by reducing the number of physical lines needed. In most cases, companies can operate a large number of calls over one internet connection. However, due to the cost saving, companies often choose to install a backup internet connection with some of the savings.


With our SIP Trunking, we are able to provide both UK and international phone numbers to give your company a global image, regardless of where you are in the country. And if you move premises, your numbers move with you.


And if your internet fails, our systems will automatically divert calls to a chosen mobile or landline to keep your business running.


SIP Trunking is recommended for any company that already has a phone system that can support internet connections. For other companies, we recommend our Hosted Phone System, which provides all the features that a traditional phone system provides.

VoIP / SIP Trunking - Features
Suitable for Larger Companies
01/02/03 UK Phone Numbers
from £1 per month
UK Landlines
from 0.79p per minute
UK Mobiles
from 3p per minute
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As our SIP Trunks are designed for companies with an existing phone system, it will require the involvement of an IT Professional.
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